quarta-feira, abril 30, 2008

In English please...

holly_randallShe liked to watch smoke going up in dizzy spirals up in the air. She forgot about time and space and just imagined herself going up in the smoke and then sliding down the thick white rings.

She felt lonely from time to time. With her lethal pack of cigarettes for only company. They couldn't ease her pain and loneliness, but at least they made her imagine she was just a little girl playing in an imaginary playground made of smoke.

"Smoking is bad for your health", Jack said every now and then.

"So why do you also smoke Jack?"

"Do what I say, don't do what I do..." "

Just give me a break Jack..." And he smiled that incredible, unforgettable smile. And all her inside melted, not even keeping her bad girl frown up on her face.

Yeah... she was addicted to his smile. Stronger than nicottine. She could give up smoking in a glympse, but she could hardly breathe without the memory of his smile.

But that night she was just lonely... No Jack, no smile... Just her and her pack of cigarettes. If only life was so simple as sliding down a never-ending cotton white smoke slide...

If only her mouth was full of Jack's smile instead of full of smoke...

If only she could taste his kiss instead of the bittersweet taste of tobacco...

If only she could bring back time. She wouldn't have let him walk away, leaving a curtain of smoke behind.

"This time is for real. I'm quitting!", she thought. Like late new year resolution - quit smoking, quit thinking about Jack, quit feeling...

The phone started to ring... She immediatly lit up another cigarette.

"Hello? Hey there..."

«Leave unsaid unspoken
Eyes wide shut unopened
You and me
Always between the lines
Between the lines»

Em parceria com o meu blogo-amigo Júlio (e desafiada por ele!!!), de vez em quando vou escrever aqui as aventuras e desventuras de Jack e Mary, na rubrica "In English Please". Para quem gosta de Inglês, espero que gostem... para quem não gosta, espero que lhe ganhem o gosto... Para quem não vê um boi, espero que ganhem a curiosidade de aprender!

Para mim este é um exercício de reciclagem, é um desafio... é que não é fácil passar dias, meses e anos inteirinhos a escrever frases tão elaboradas como "The apple is red"... 

Hope you enjoy!

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Júlio disse...

Should I say something about this? I just can't... damn... If I knew this would be like this... I feel embarrassed, now :$
Of course I'll steal this from you to post it in my own blog. Thank you for accepting to do this. And congratulations, you've written a perfect "picture".

Blossom disse...

yes! I have enjoyed a lots :) and a potes (hihihihi)

Bom feriado e kisses for you

Francis disse...

smoke a joint instead.

Mo disse...

Tchiii I know exactly what you mean.

Sometimes, I think that teaching AEC is "dislearning" (desaprender LOL)

Have a nice holiday ;)

Júlio disse...

Did you think I forgot to steal this from you? I didn't :) I stole it by night, so you would be asleep and wouldn't notice it was missing... lol
If you want to read it again, you know were to find it. And thanks for not calling the police...